Welcome To DeliverAid …

We help children like Bobi today …

Bobi is 5 years old and lives in a protective refuge in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has been removed from his family for his own safety, and may never be able to go back to them.

We have brought him clothes to wear. Pens to learn with, pencils to draw with. Toys to play with. Sports equipment to exercise with. And a small fluffy rabbit that he cuddles every night when he goes to sleep.

… and tomorrow.

As well as delivering essentials for today, we also provide low cost computing systems and training. This gives the children better education resources and computer skills.

We are also setting up the Prosper Programme, a protected network that allows young adults moving out of orphanages develop both skills and an income from companies worldwide by teaching skills they can use to create an income anywhere.

Help us help more children like Bobi.

We have delivered supplies to many hundreds of disadvantaged children like Bobi in orphanages, refuges and refugee camps in countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Morocco and Western Sahara.

And we’re only just getting started. But we need your help to reach other children like Bobi.

A Unique Approach…

We use sponsor-provided funds to purchase children’s clothing, toys and books from UK charities, and then deliver them (along with stationery and basic computers) to disadvantaged children overseas.

This means that the UK charities get the money, and the children get the clothes, books and toys, thereby doubling the effectiveness of the money spent.

So when you sponsor us, you’ll not only be helping children like Bobi, but you will also be helping a wide ranges of causes here in the UK, such as Barnardo’s, Save The Children, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Help the Aged, Mare and Foal Sanctuary, PDSA and many many more.

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