Syndicate Sponsor Partnership

“We’re thrilled to be supporting DeliverAid in their quest to improve the lives of poverty-stricken children. DeliverAid offer a brighter future for young people, away from child labour, exploitation and modern slavery. By obtaining donations from other organisations, DeliverAid are able to provide essential educational resources and training. We’re confident in DeliverAid’s ability to better conditions for children worldwide by granting education and resources that will last a lifetime.”

Ian Hepworth, COO, Segura (A DeliverAid sponsor)

How SYNDICATE Sponsorship works

  • This is ideal for: smaller companies who want to make a recognised contribution but do not have the resources to commit to a Platinum Sponsorship.

  • We run a delivery expedition one or more times per month: each one of which will deliver to 3 or 4 locations in Europe and Africa. All expedition members and vehicles will be branded with the DeliverAid logo, and the images will be provided to you. (You can brand them with your logos if you wish.) We will then trickle feed those updates to you, so there will always be fresh content for people to see.

  • We will write engaging and exclusive copy that helps to promote your branding and USP’s as well as describing the positive impact you are having. This will be shared with you along with branded photos and videos (see examples below)

  • You can then share it via Social media and your PR channels: our content is designed to make the process of sharing and posting to a variety of destinations as easy as possible, and also to look good on both desktop and mobile.

  • We will give you access to our Business Academy: we have hundreds of training videos and world-class business strategies (worth many hundreds of pounds) which will show you how to get more customers and make more sales. It’s our way of saying thanks, and hopefully ensuring a long terms and sustainable relationship! (You can check out some free samples in the Academy here.)

  • You will also get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped provide a lot of children with a chance of a better future and helped some great UK causes into the bargain.

  • Your investment: we will work with you to define a contribution that is both appropriate and comfortable with your organisation. You may have existing programmes or thresholds in place that we will happily work within, or we can create a custom proposal that meets your requirements and budget. We are gratefully for any and all support we can get that allows us to fulfill our mission and help those in need, and will work hard and flexibly to ensure you are glad to have partnered with us!

Please contact us today at to arrange a discussion as to how we can work together to make a visible difference. 

Syndicate Sponsorship Sample Content:

Syndicate Sponsors receive 100 plus non-branded images and 3-4 DeliverAid branded videos per month to help acknowledge their contribution.

Got a question? Drop us a line!