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A Uniquely Effective Approach…

This means that the UK charities get the money, and the children get the clothes, books and toys, thereby doubling the effectiveness of the money spent.

We also supply a large amount of stationery and basic computers, procured at lowest possible price. We install the computers and provide training, creating DeliverAid technology centers that we support remotely.

So when you join our sponsorship club, you’ll not only be helping children like Bobi, but you will also be helping a wide ranges of causes here in the UK, such as Barnardo’s, Save The Children, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Help the Aged, Mare and Foal Sanctuary, PDSA and many many more.

Why Choose To Sponsor Us?

  • We double your investment in us: our operating model (buying from UK charities and then delivering what we have bought to children overseas) means that the sponsorship funds essentially get used twice, so your sponsorship goes further.

  • You help a wide range of great causes: because we buy from UK charities and deliver abroad, our programme provides out-of-the-box diversity in terms of your company visibly helping a wide range of causes at home, as well as the children overseas, so your sponsorship helps more people.

  • Group sponsorship maximises your visibility: you don’t pay for every expedition, but you will be a part of – and get to share – everything we have managed to deliver and achieve, so your sponsorship gets great leverage.

  • We don’t just deliver, we develop: as well as the goods we deliver, we also set up computer equipment and training the children (and those who care for them) on how to use it. This gives the children exposure to office applications, programming, creative media and other opportunities, so your sponsorship gives children greater opportunity.

  • We have an incredibly small infrastructure: our team numbers less than five people (some of which are volunteers), and is made up of ex-professionals who are able to handle every aspect of our operation – logistics, media etc – so we’re able to devote the vast majority of the sponsorship to buying and delivering what’s needed, rather than funding a top heavy organisation, so your sponsorship is never wasted.

‘I just love what DeliverAid do with the minimum of admin and overhead costs.”

Julian Nowill, organiser of the Dakar Rally Challenge

Choose the partnership level appropriate for your organisation …

You can choose from 2 levels of sponsorship:

  • Platinum sponsorshipwe run dedicated and branded expeditions each month in your name.This features a bigger investment from you than the syndicate option, but there is more benefit to your company in return. (You get your own charity website, technology centres named after you, branded video and copy, talks by our team at your AGM and so on)

  • Syndicate sponsorship: you jointly sponsor expeditions along with other syndicate members. (This works well for smaller companies, for instance those with fewer than 10 employees, and provides you with a visible contribution for a smaller investment – including your own charity website if you so desire.)

We want to extend a huge thank you to all for your donation distribution and training at Project Soar. We are so happy to start this collaboration with you!! We are so grateful for the time you dedicated to making the distribution happen. I hope next time, you are able to spend a bit more time with us! 

Olivia DiNucci, Field Manager, Project Soar, Africa (A DeliverAid recipient)