Serbian Refugee Expedition

What we are looking to achieve

The am of the expedition is to deliver much needed supplies to refugees living in camps in Serbia. Many of these are fleeing the Syrian crisis, but others still are trying to get away from oppression and destruction in other parts of the world.

The format of this expedition will be as follows:

  • Preparation (up to 8th April) – collate aid supplies from personal contributors, UK charities and our preferred low cost suppliers
  • Delivery (9th-12th April) – overland delivery with our DeliverAid delivery truck to refugee camps in Serbia.

What we will be taking (and what you can help provide)

If you have any of the below items kicking about at home, and you’d be willing to donate them to a good cause, then we would love to have them for our Serbian Refugee delivery run (which leaves on 9th April). We’ll be delivering to camps which house families and lost children – we’re mainly focused on children’s materials but anything will be gratefully received.

  • Clothing: Socks, pants, trousers, tshirts, shirts, shoes, coats, hats, gloves, umbrellas, and other warm weather gear
  • Towels, Blankets & sheets (inc sleeping bags)
  • Cooking: pots, pans, (pref lightweight), storage tubs, cutlery, tin openers – camping stuff ideal
  • Stationery: pens, pencils, colouring books, notebooks, picture books 
  • Toys: cuddly toys, games, puzzles (pref nothing with batteries, and nothing military themed.)
  • Toiletries/medicines/first aid supplies
  • Candles, lanterns, wind up torches
Help us to help those who have lost everything …

How to get it to us

If you can drop us an email at letting us know what you have and where you are, we will organise the logistics of collection, our key areas are London, Reading and Swindon at the moment.

A quick note regarding religion

We respect the right of people everywhere to practice their religious beliefs. We at DeliverAid are an entirely secular organisation, and our aid deliveries will not, out of that respect, contain anything of a religious flavour from any denomination, so bibles and other related materials need not be submitted. Similarly, any items (such as pens or clothing for instance) which have religious branding or motifs (that are not easily remove-able) must similar be declined.

NOTE: This is not just about beliefs, it’s also about the safety of the team. Many places react badly against people who – even with the best intentions – are seen to be “proselytizing”.  (Yeah – we had to look it up too!)