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Win-Win through Social Enterprise …

DeliverAid is a social enterprise, rather than a charity, for a very good reason.

The best way to create sustainable relationships is to provide great value for the people who help us, as well as the people we help.

As a charity, there are significant restrictions on the level on recognition and reward we can provide to the people providing funds, so we decided a while back that we would be a social enterprise (which is essentially a company that commits to use profits for good.)

Below are our key retail channels. A minimum of 50% of the proceeds from these channels are used to directly assist and develop disadvantaged children around the world, the rest is invested into our business and our team to help us do more and reach more people.

BodyKarma by

Welcome to our bodyKarma T-Shirt range. Surprise your friends, amaze your relations and create tension between your enemies by adorning your corporeal presence on this rock with some of the best in off-the-cuff wisdom and witticism. Environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, you can wear these fashionable affection magnets with a clear conscience and bare forearms.  (A minimum of 50% of the proceeds of the sale of these outstanding garments will be used to provide direct assistance and development to disadvantaged children worldwide. Thanks for choosing DeliverAid and helping us help others!)