About Us & Our Team

Our Mission

DeliverAid was founded in January 2017 with the express aim of providing disadvantaged children with two things:

  • Assistance Today: we supply clothing, toys, sports equipment and other essentials for them to use straightaway.

  • Opportunity Tomorrow: we also supply learning materials and computer equipment to enable them to work towards a better future, both for themselves and the community in which they live by creating businesses and employment opportunities for themselves and those around them

A large part of our focus is on helping to support and educate the next generation, and so to this end, the vast majority of our delivery expeditions have the purpose of bringing learning materials (both writing and computer equipment) and basic IT training to disadvantaged young people in various parts of the world in order to give them a brighter future and enable them to develop skills that will benefit not just themselves, but the community in which they live. In addition to that, we also supply clothing, toys, sports equipment and other essentials to help them learn and grow in as much comfort as possible.

Why do we do this?

There is an old adage that says, if you want to know if someone will succeed at something, don’t ask them HOW they will do it. Ask them WHY. If they have a good why, the how will be found. If they don’t have a good why, the how is irrelevant.

Our why is as follows:

We as a team believe that it’s the role of each new generation to do a better job than the previous one. It’s also the role of the previous generation to give the next generation every support it can. 

This is the core motivation that drives what we do.

Our Operating Model

The way that DeliverAid operates is – we believe – fairly unique. We chase up business sponsorship, which we then use to buy kids essentials from charities here in the UK. We also source low-cost stationery and computing equipment and deliver it all directly into the hands of our recipients, and also provide training on how to use the computer equipment.

(This therefore means that a very high proportion of the sponsorship is used twice – because the UK charities get the money, and the overseas recipients get what is bought with that money.)

We then gratefully supply our sponsors with pictures and videos and other shareable assets to allow them to share the contribution they have made with their customers, workforce and industry peers.

Our Pedigree & Track Record

Our Team’s Pedigree
Our team is compact but well experienced. Between us, we have put bears into space for Rainbow Trust in a project involving Brian Cox, raised over half a million for children’s charities as part of high profile financial sector projects in London (involving helicopters up the Thames), worked with figures such as Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak and Dr John DeMartini, and won industry awards for innovation. We have successfully implemented multi-million pound projects on 4 continents, and trained thousands of people on how to use technology to create opportunity.

And now we’d like to use that knowledge and experience, and dedicate ourselves to creating an organisation that allows companies like yours to easily (and efficiently) provide aid for today and development for tomorrow to children who need it most.

DeliverAid’s Progress
Since its inception at the start of 2017, DeliverAid has already delivered tens of thousands of aid items to thousands of disadvantaged children in places such as Western Sahara, Morocco, Serbia, Bulgaria and Poland. (You can see our some of our expeditions on our website at deliveraid.org.) We have set up a number of technology centres using low cost computing systems and trained the children and their carers on how to use them.

Our team have the experience (and just as importantly, the burning desire!) to reach as many children as possible, delivering essentials for today and opportunity for tomorrow.

Our Team

Peter Cameron-Burnett (CEO)

With almost 25 years experience of project and event management, Peter is delighted to be able to bring his organisational and media outreach skills to a cause that he and his team so strongly believe in. He has worked with a variety of household names, including Sir Richard Branson, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Dr John Demartini, (and even the infamous Wolf of Wall Street), and has delivered projects for companies such as Hitachi, Virgin Atlantic, Hilton, and many others. From a charitable point of view, he has been instrumental in projects which have raised over £500,000 for children’s charities such as Barnardos in the UK and Ubuntu abroad via high-profile financial sector initiatives. He also raised money and awareness for Rainbow Trust by putting a teddy bear into space (a project which involved Cambridge University Spaceflight Division and Professor Brian Cox). In 2013 he conceived and ran the Rhino Challenge delivery expeditions (see more here), as well as a host of 3 peaks charity expeditions and other adventure sports activities. He has also helped deliver creative projects with The Princes Trust to help young people at risk in urban environments.

Vicki Yates (Outreach Officer)

Vicky’s enthusiasm and dedication to helping people is critical in helping us reach out to causes, find out exactly what they need, and then design our procurement strategy for the expedition to ensure that nothing is wasted, or provided without reason. Interestingly, it takes some time to explain to causes that what we are supplying has no strings attached, and is not part of a religious programme. (We are entirely secular in our operation, and there is no theological payload whatsoever.) She has also worked on other charitable projects in the past, such as the Rainbow Voyager project for the Rainbow trust, and the team are often reliant on her expert research skills (known in house as her “Google-Fu”) to find random and sudden accommodation at various out of the way parts of the world! She also contributes her photography skills in ensuring that the expedition is properly captured and presented to our sponsors, to allow them to see a high quality representation of what their contribution has helped to achieve.

Toby Vennard (Expedition Transport Manager)

The rest of the team are convinced that Mr Vennard probably has homing pigeon somewhere in his DNA, due to his ability to guide us to our often obscure destinations. He has a good deal of experience of driving overseas, and accompanied Peter Cameron-Burnett on the initial Rhino Challenge delivery expeditions to Western Sahara which served as the prototype for DeliverAid’s current operations, as well as other media and photography trips. One of his key tools in trade is a navigation app called MapswithMe, which was recommended to the team by Julian Nowill of the Dakar Rally as part of his invaluable briefing on how to survive on the road in Africa, and which allows us to download maps of different countries in the world, and then store them off-line for use in satellite navigation. There have been a few times – especially in the desert – when Toby and the rest of the team have been desperately hoping that petrol stations shown on the system are not simply a figment of the creator’s imagination! He currently lives in Swindon. (Presumably, he has his reasons. ;-))