Our Live Radio Show Performance Kits

Our material and your delivery makes a winning combination …

If you are someone who is either already a comedy performer/actor – and especially if you run or are involved with a performance group – then our Live Radio Show Kits are well worth looking at!

Live Radio Shows are very popular these days with both audiences and performers alike. It’s your team with scripts in hand, sound effects and music at the ready, and an audience that you can take anywhere with the power of their imagination. Perform it anywhere without the overheads of costume, set, props and with a minimal rehearsal commitment. Perfect for an audience of 10 or 10,000.

Our kits include:

  • Scripts
  • Sound effects (in MP3 format)
  • Music (both mp3 format and scored for instruments)
  • Marketing templates and guides (to help you fill your gigs)

We create and publish these kits to help support our work delivering education supplies and computer to disadvantaged kids. There’s no upfront fee, we simply ask for a 25% share of profit margin (i.e. after costs have been paid.) We believe this helps make it easier for groups of all sizes to perform these shows with minimal financial risk – especially given the minimal outlay performing one entails!

These shows are perfect for:

  • Fundraisers to support your other creative projects
  • Festivals & other minimalist venues
  • Gigs and comedy circuit venues
  • Parties & Entertainment

Click here to see our range (it’s growing all the time!)



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