LIVE RADIO SHOW KIT: 80 Days Around The Bend

It’s 1888, and Phileas Fogg has been tricked into going around the world!


A well known story with a twist – Phileas Fogg is forced into circumnavigating the globe to provide material for an upcoming book by a French author. This comedy is to the original Verne novel what “Airplane” was to the Airport disaster movies of the 70’s: an irreverent send-up of the genre, but one which still has a proper storyline and performance flow so that audiences that are unfamiliar with the story can still enjoy the show on its own merits.


What is a Live Radio Show?

Live radio shows are shows that allow actors to stand (with or without microphones) in front of an audience, scripts in hand, performing an audio-based show with sound effects and music, as though the audience was in the recording studio. Shows in this format are becoming more and more popular with both audiences and performance companies. An increasing number of shows are appearing using the people with scripts in front of microphones format, ranging from live versions of popular programmes “Have I Got News For You” through to shows such “What about Dick?” by Eric Idle, not to mention the resurgence of interest in shows such as The Goons and Round the Horne.

There are lots of advantages of doing a live radio show. You don’t need costumes, set or props, your cast has a script in front of them so that they need less rehearsal time and there is less chance if things going wrong, and you can use as many or as few people as you like depending on the vocal ability of the people available to you. It’s highly portable and ideal for festivals. You can do short gigs, or a even a double feature for longer performances. You can also take your audiences on adventures that would be impossible under normal staging constraints.


Performance Profile:

  • Actor Requirements: Play is designed for 4 actors MMMF – but due to the nature of the performance, this is highly flexible.
  • Skill Requirements: This is not a difficult play to do. There are songs which can be either included or not, depending on cast willingness and ability.
  • Venue/Technical Requirements: Space to stand, a media player and speakers for music/sound effects.
  • Rehearsal requirements: Because this is done script in hand, a few cast read-throughs beforehand usually suffice. (That being said, it has been read sight unseen people new to the script with highly enjoyable results!)
  • Running Time: Approx 1 hour
  • Genres: Comedy, Victoriana, Parody, Radio comedy
  • Stylistic Comparisons: Round The Horne, Goons, Airplane.
  • Audience Suitability: This play, whilst it contains references to adult situations, has no offensive language and is suitable for all audience ranges.


Includes a Marketing & Performance Resource Pack, containing:

  • Script as word doc to allow reformatting if required.
  • Sheet music to allow live piano/band performance if desired
  • All sound effects & music in separate MP3 file format
  • A recording by the writers to use an inspiration/template, but only if so desired.
  • Marketing kit, including posters, flyers, social media posts etc to help you get your audience
  • Guides on how to create a run ticketing systems, use social media etc
  • NOT INCLUDED: Hardware such as microphones, stands, media players. We will provide you with the scripts, the sound effects and templates to help you promote it.


Conditions of Performance, Rights & Royalties

  • Royalties payable: 25% of net performance profits. (As in, once costs etc have been taken out.) We will then use half that to provide educational supplies and computers to disadvantaged children, the other half goes to support the development of further material. NOTE: We don’t charge any fee up front, and will take a % only of what you actually make – this removes any investment risk for you, and makes it fairer than a flat fee in advance. You don’t need to supply us with your full accounts. We put our trust in the people we work with, and use the honour system.
  • No material to be added/changed: As this represents our brand as well as yours, we would request that no material is created and added to the show, nor any lines changed or altered. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.
  • Material can be cut if required: You are allowed to remove aspects of the material such as songs, or trim sections to meet time constraints. Try not to break it, though!
  • Making of Recordings: You are allowed to record the performance in both audio & video formats. You are allowed to publish highlights of the performance (up to a total 25% of the performance across all publishing channels) on social media and websites. You are also allowed to use up to 25% of the performance recording to advertise and promote future performances. The name of the play, the authors and the DeliverAid Publishing Company brand must be visible on all material published. Live broadcasting of the performance (i.e. Radio, FaceBook Live, YouTube Streaming etc) is by agreement with us – please contact us to discuss.
  • Sale of Recordings: This is permissible with written permission from the DeliverAid Publishing Company. Terms and conditions will apply, but as a rule of thumb, a royalty of 25% of profits (i.e. proceeds that do not include manufacturing costs) will be chargeable.
  • Intellectual Property: The IP and ownership of the scripts and the associated media remains with DeliverAid Publishing Company. You are granted a non-exclusive licence to use them. You may not resell or loan or in any other way make available the scripts or performance media to any parties other than those directly involved with your performance.


To request a copy of the script:

  • Please email
  • If you like the sound of it on read through, we will then get you to send us an email agreeing terms, and we will then release the password to unlock the downloadable resource kit for you!


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