We publish plays, books and games to support our work delivering education supplies and computers to disadvantaged children …

We are a social enterprise that publishes plays, games and books to help support our real aim, which is to supply learning materials, stationery and where possible, computer equipment such as the Raspberry Pi to help disadvantaged children develop skills that will improve their future, and allow them to create a better life for themselves and those around them.

We believe that it’s the role of each new generation to do a better job than the last one. And it’s the job of the previous generation to support the new in doing that.

We have also delivered clothing, toys, books, sports equipment and other items to children who have almost nothing. Much of what we supply is bought from UK charities, so the money does twice as much good.

Since 2013, we have helped children in orphanages, refugee camps, hospitals and protective care in counties in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. These are children who have lost their families, or who may never see them again. We – as in the team here at DA Publishing – then take what’s needed directly to where it’s needed.

We set up DeliverAid Publishing to help support that work, and a minimum of 50% of profits goes directly towards our goal. One day, we hope it will be much greater.

That’s what we work towards. And that’s why we try to make sure that what we publish is as rich and enjoyable (and beneficial) as possible, so that it’s a win-win. You are entertained, and the children are educated.

So buy something here today, and as well as having fun, you’ll help us to help those who need it most.

Thank you xxx

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