Bridget McFoon Builds a Bridge to The Moon

Can Bridget learn to work with and inspire others to achieve her dreams?

AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: I bought this book for my granddaughter and up to now, we have read it together more than ten times. What an absolutely wonderful book, graced with charming images, but moreover, enhanced by exquisite text. Each rhyme is beautifully crafted, each syllable perfectly placed, each word chosen with care, thus making it flow with superb precision. I believe ‘Bridget McFoon Builds a Bridge to The Moon’ is the first of a series of learning adventures created by Peter Cameron-Burnett, and I cannot recommend his work enough. I will without doubt, be reading more from this ingenious and gifted author.

Who this Book is For

This story is aimed at children between 5 and 12 – in Key Stages 1&2. Younger children will find it easier to read with an adult, older children will be able to read the book on their own. The book is fully illustrated with imagery to capture and inspire the imagination of young minds.

The Story 

The moon is at its closest point to Earth for 1000 years, and young Bridget McFoon decides to build a bridge so that she can become the first person to walk on its surface! She recruits friends from her local area, and from the top of nearby Primrose Hill, they start to build a bridge to the Moon using materials that they find. But Bridget’s refusal to listen to advice and bossy nature puts both the project and everyone involved at risk. And then, disaster strikes, miles in the air. Can she become the leader that she needs to be?


AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: A beautifully imaginative tale! I’m a huge fan of the idea of building bridges to other worlds, and this story about these kids and their simple and innocent plan to build a bridge all the way to the moon is wonderfully heartwarming. I loved it, and it has a great moral lesson! Thank you for writing this!

Topics Covered

This story is designed to teach children to work together as a team and help them realise that by working together with others, they can achieve amazing things. The book introduces the following themes in a subtle way:

+ Inspire people by giving them ownership of a vision
+ Participation and service count more than personal glory
+ Appreciating people and make sure you recognise their efforts
+ Acknowledging that everyone is good at something
+ Respecting friends & siblings


AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: A sweet and memorable book for children! An engaging, exciting and touching rhyming story. Bridget is highly relatable, and the plot is fun with a lovely blend of fantasy and practicality. The language level is such that small children will feel challenged yet not intimidated, and the illustrations are gorgeous.

About the Series

The McSomething Learning Adventures Series focus on providing children with fun and inspiring stories that also quietly teach both personal and interpersonal skills that will serve the children well throughout their lives. (The reason it’s called that is that it’s been observed that the heroes in the series always have an Mc in their name!)

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