The Wind Between The Worlds

Join Twill Bester on an odyssey through a dangerous cosmos!

AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: An engaging and highly entertaining read, written with a great turn of phrase. An imaginative storyline without being ridiculously silly, I would have liked to have more chapters!

Sail the skies of Earth with pirates on wooden ships powered by solar sails. Survive the rain-swamped forests of Venus, and marvel at the giant glory of Eddie’s Wanger, the first surface-to-orbit cargo trebuchet.

Tread the deserts of Mars as a press-ganged ship builder, creating battle cruisers from compressed sand to battle the demonic alien threat from the Kes.

Encounter ghosts on Helion Proxima, a rock so close to the sun that it’s molten, and hang suspended above the clouds of Jupiter on board the military refueling station, Finnegan’s Bitch for a battle that will decide the fate of humanity.

You can experience all this from the relative comfort of the edge of your seat, but will our hero Twill Bester survive it?

If you loved and miss the Golden Age of Science Fiction, with authors such as Harry Harrison, Isaac Asimov, Robert Sheckley, Greg Bear, Ray Bradbury and others, then try this doorway to a universe of the imagination.

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