A Dagger In The Rectory!

An exploding confessional. An electrocution in a house with no power. A vicar stabbed in the cloisters. Can 2 misfit detectives solve this case?

AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: Hilarious & original! I have honestly never read something like this before! So funny! I can not wait until they hopefully make an audiobook version of it. Looking forward to future stories from the author.

A mysterious series of deaths in a sleepy village. A terrible secret that goes all the way up to the papacy. And two detectives on their last warning; one for shooting clowns, the other for taking his vice cases home with him. Can they figure out who is slaying the villagers before the tiny hamlet of Aldenham runs out of population?

Based on a True Story – Only the names, places, facts, flow of events and overall outcome have been changed to protect the innocent and make it more interesting.

AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: I laughed aloud, i winced, i reeled in horror. An unholy mixture of Agatha Christie and Tom Sharpe, this short murder mystery ticks all the boxes. But I would advise you to think carefully before entering the mind of a man who created the concept of ELECTRIC TRAVEL BAGPIPES. You have been warned!

This short novel is a light-hearted tribute to the works of authors such as Agatha Christie, James Patterson, LJ Ross and many more.

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