A Murder Trial On Mars

The Earth has been destroyed. A member of the last remaining human colony is on trial for his life. But was his crime really murder?

AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: Inspired courtroom drama! A scene from the movie Titanic went fleetingly through my mind as I read ‘A Murder Trial On Mars,’ although the accused, Philip Merryfield, had not snagged someone else’s place on a lifeboat, he forcibly removed Betty Adams from the rocketship Bellerophon as it was about to take off from a destroyed Earth to the safety of Mars. But did he? What follows is an intriguing court room drama with evidence that leads you to lean one way and then back the other like a sapling in a high wind. I did think at one stage, this would make an excellent television drama and was thus not surprised to learn that the novella was adapted from an admired festival play. Author Peter Cameron-Burnett carefully ends his drama with the jury out and the reader invited to cast their own verdict. It’s not easy, but I would have to say: Not Guilty. But then again…

Adapted from the popular festival play, this short book tells the story of the first Martian death trial.

The Earth is gone, destroyed in a cataclysm. Of the billions of humans that once were, only 300 remain, in a fragile colony on the planet Mars. One man is on trial for his life. His crime: throwing someone from the Rocket Ark and taking their place during the final evacuation as our home planet disintegrated.

Were his actions justified? Could they ever be? And what would you have done in his place? Discover the answers when you read this book!

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