Clucking Hell

The closest we came to extinction … exposed! (An Engleburt Todhunter Adventure Book 1)

AMAZON 5-STAR REVIEW: Awesome, insane, just what I like. Definitely worth the read. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

You probably don’t realise it, but humanity came within a whisker of being wiped out. When you read this book, you’ll discover the incredible secret that the government has been trying to hush up for years.

Here’s a fact for you: whilst it’s true that this book is an adventure comedy disaster of epic proportions, it could also happen..

Think about it. Chickens becoming hyper-intelligent. Rising up and seizing control. Their job made all the easier because it’s so unlikely? Makes sense, right?

Run up to someone and yell “it’s the end of the world!” Where do they instantly look? UP! Wrong direction, people! Humanity has a blind spot, and it’s right at our feet.

If you ask anyone in government what they are doing about this threat, they can’t give you any answer that makes sense. Why are they being so evasive?

Do you value your safety? As you work through this book, you’ll discover the threat that faces us all, and what YOU can do about it if – or WHEN – this danger becomes real.

Let’s face it, if you don’t read this book, then you will always be wondering, what did I miss out on? What actually happens? Will the chickens be defeated? This is your only chance to learn the truth about what happened. No-one else will tell you.

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