This Is How You Taught Me Instagram!

You read that right. Our unique fast & fun approach makes you the teacher, so you learn faster and retain longer. Read on to find out how …

Learn faster, retain longer and take action with confidence with our unique fast and fun approach.

You may have noticed that the title of this book has you teaching me how to use Instagram. It’s not a typo – we put you in the role of the trainer and teach you in a way that creates a vivid and fun experience whilst reading. There are important psychological reason for doing it this way round, which we have discovered over many years of training people from all walks of like in many different subjects.

Our aim is not to sell you yet another eBook. Our aim is to help you learn the skills that will get you the results you want. So we do things a bit different.

We want you to remember what we teach you and use it as a natural skill so we make the learning process vivid and memorable.

We want you to have fun learning so that you keep going all the way through so we use humour and an easy-to-read writing style so you can consume the pages in comfort.

We want you to focus on the important things you actually need to do to get results, so we just give you every essential tip and tool to get started and succeed swiftly.

Give it a try today, and see how we can help you boost your recall and confidence – the two most important factors of your success when learning a new skill.

Why You Should Learn How To Use Instagram

Instagram is a very powerful tool for engaging with people, especially the millennial generation, which is currently folks under about 35. This generation is a visual generation, and they respond far better to images and videos than text adverts. If you are part of that generation – then you will know exactly what I mean.

With over a billion users on it every month, better engagement levels than other platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and great demographics and hashtag targeting, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools available to you to attract more people and get more sales.

And in this book, we will show you – in a memorable and fun way – exactly how to get the best out of this free and far-reaching platform.

Deliveraid Publishing – a social enterprise that creates a win-win for those who deserve it most.

Thanks for considering buying this book. Here at the DeliverAid Publishing company, we publish books on a wide range of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction, and use 50% of the profits to directly supply educational materials and computers to disadvantaged children in impoverished areas. Since 2013, we have helped thousands of children in orphanages and refugee camps, providing them with a better chance for a brighter future.

Once you have put pens into the hands of grateful children desperate to learn, it’s hard to stop. So we do our best to help you, to give you the knowhow and tools you need to succeed, and in return, you help us help those who need it most.

That for us is a real win-win, so from all of our team here – thank you!


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