ABOUT US: Discover Who We Are & What We Do …

What We Do

DeliverAid is a social enterprise powered community that directly delivers essentials and education to disadvantaged children in impoverished areas.

“Social Enterprise” … We are not a charity – we are a business that supplies high quality products and services to people and then uses most of the money to help children who need it. (The rest we invest back into our business and team to sustain and expand our operation.) This is because we believe in win-win. We want sustainable and repeatable relationships with the people that fund what we do, so we give something back, so that our customers come back – and win-win is something that charities proper are actually quite restricted from doing.

“Community” … We are an organisation that welcomes people to become part of what we do. We want you to share the adventure. There are checks and balances to makes sure it’s the right fit for you and our beneficiaries, but we are more of a movement than a monopoly.

“Directly Delivers” … Our delivery organisation is about taking what’s needed directly to where it’s needed. Our team of volunteers and guest couriers get on a plane with what we deliver and take it to the children, or to those who directly care for them and who we trust.

“Essentials” … We deliver clothing, toys, books, sports equipment and other items to children who have almost nothing. Much of what we supply is bought from UK charities, so the money does twice as much good.

“Education” … As well as the essentials, we also supply learning materials, stationery and where possible, computer equipment such as the Raspberry Pi to help the children develop skills that will improve their future, and allow them to create a better life for themselves and those around them.

“Disadvantaged Children” … We help children in orphanages, refugee camps, hospitals and protective care. These are children who have lost their families and have little in the way of

“Impoverished Areas” … we try to go to places where our help will do most good. Western Europe has made a lot of progress in how children are supported, and so much of our work happens in places like North West Africa and Eastern Europe.

Why We Do It

This is quite simple – our team are united by this belief:

It is the role of each new generation to do a better job than the the previous one. And it’s the job of the previous generation to support the new generation in doing just that.


“Sounds like you guys are doing a good thing … good luck with it!” Tom Lehrer (yes, that Tom Lehrer.)

“I just love what DeliverAid do with the minimum of admin and overhead costs.” Julian Nowill, organiser of the Dakar RALLY Challenge

“We’re thrilled to be supporting DeliverAid in their quest to improve the lives of poverty-stricken children. DeliverAid offer a brighter future for young people, away from child labour, exploitation and modern slavery. By obtaining donations from other organisations, DeliverAid are able to provide essential educational resources and training. We’re confident in DeliverAid’s ability to better conditions for children worldwide by granting education and resources that will last a lifetime.” Ian Hepworth, COO, Segura – (A DeliverAid Sponsor)

“First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks on behalf of all the members and the beneficiaries of the association. I have the honor to extend my sincere thanks to you. We are touched and we thank you very much for this gesture that will give our children opportunities for access to computers and clothing. Our Association welcomes you.” Hassan El Badraoui, Atfalouna, Africa

“We want to extend a huge thank you to all for your donation distribution and training at Project Soar. We are so happy to start this collaboration with you!! We are so grateful for the time you dedicated to making the distribution happen. I hope next time, you are able to spend a bit more time in Morocco! “ Olivia DiNucci, Project Soar, Africa

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