DELIVERY: 2 x Orphanages in Rabat, Morocco

On 7th-9th June 2017, DeliverAid’s PathFinder Team visited the cities of Rabat and Casablanca on the North-West coast of Africa as part of Expedition Foxtrot to set up new supply lines to organisations serving disadvantaged children.

The PathFinder Team, (whose job it is to locate and make contact with new organisations) consisted of Team Leader Peter Cameron-Burnett, Logistics Officer Vicki Yates, Media Officer Ciaran Davis, and Expedition QuarterMaster Toby Vennard.

Foxtrot Delivery #2 – 2 x Orphanages, Rabat

The team visited an organisation that runs 2 orphanages that also cares for homeless/street children, and delivered much needed and appreciated supplies, including learning materials such as pens and colouring pencils, along with clothes, toys and sports equipment. The staff at the orphanage were delighted to receive us, and provided us with an extensive tour of their operation.

Our little taxi convoy heads for our second drop of the day. Providing you agree prices in advance (or insist they use the meter where fitted) taxis are a very cost effective way of moving people and equipment around – much easier and more cost effective than renting vans.

Our second location is exactly what we expect and where it should be. This is often true in Africa – almost never true in Eastern Europe. This particular location is one of the oldest of its kind in Morocco, dating back to 1937. It provides complete care for around 140 orphans up to school leaving age.

⇑ We meet the director of the establishment, who has been working for many years to make the most of the budget that they are provided with by their sponsors. They are very enterprising – and have a number of projects such as a gym and a small hotel that they have managed to set up to create additional revenue to provide the best possible care for their young charges.

⇑ We are given a comprehensive tour of the site. They are rightfully proud of what they have achieved, and we see the classrooms where the thousands of pens and other stationary items which we have brought will be used.

⇑ Pictures of the King are everywhere in Morocco, but in this case, it’s because the royal family have taken an interest in this place since the reigning monarch at the time attended the institution’s proper inauguration in 1957.

⇑ The main activity area. For some of us, this brings back distant memories of assemblies at infant schools back in the day …

⇑ One of the girls dormitories – with rows of clean beds and a few precious soft toys dotted about. Hopefully the bears and toys that we have brought will help to give everyone something to cuddle in the night.

Our tour completed, we say a fond good bye to our hosts, and head on to our next destination

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DeliverAid was founded in January 2017 to provide sustainable and direct assistance to children who are at risk or face disadvantage in refuges, orphanages, and camps internationally. The team’s efforts are powered by a sponsorship syndicate of philanthropic businesses. The DeliverAid team itself consists of a small core of media and project professionals who are looking to do something worthwhile, who are ably aided by volunteers both in the UK and overseas. Wherever possible, the team purchases supplies from UK charities so that they also substantial benefit from the expeditions. As well as delivering supplies, the team also provides computer equipment and training as part of their Bootstrap Programme to allow the children to develop skills that will not only assist themselves in building a better life, but which will also create employment and opportunity within their community.   

For Further Information

Contact Vicki Yates (OutReach Officer) at

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