DELIVERY: 7 x Orphanages in Belgrade, Serbia

Expedition Press Release

DeliverAid Expedition Provides Clothing, Toys And Educational Materials to 7 Serbian Orphanages 

London, UK, April 12th, 2017 – The DeliverAid  team made a visit to the Centre for Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Belgrade to provide a delivery of clothing, learning equipment and toys for children without families.

The Foundation that runs the Centre has a long tradition of care for children of all ages. Its origins lie back in 1879, and over the years it has grown to feature seven locations in and around Belgrade in Serbia, providing a home and care for over 500 children between the ages of three and eighteen.

The Foundation is committed to the empowerment of the children in its care, which even includes a “Dormitory Parliament”, an arrangement whereby the children are able to take a direct interest in and have an impact on how things affecting them are run.

Peter Cameron-Burnett said:

“Once again, thanks go to our sponsors for allowing us to provide assistance to those who need it the most. What we have been able to provide will go to help the Foundation in its dual role of providing immediate support today and also longer term development and education to enhance the opportunities available to these children.”  



DeliverAid was founded in January 2017 to provide sustainable and direct assistance to children who are at risk or face disadvantage in refuges, orphanages, and camps internationally. The team’s efforts are powered by a sponsorship syndicate of philanthropic businesses. The DeliverAid team itself consists of a small core of media and project professionals who are looking to do something worthwhile, who are ably aided by volunteers both in the UK and overseas. Wherever possible, the team purchases supplies from UK charities so that they also substantial benefit from the expeditions. As well as delivering supplies, the team also provides computer equipment and training as part of their Bootstrap Programme to allow the children to develop skills that will not only assist themselves in building a better life, but which will also create employment and opportunity within their community.   

For Further Information

Contact Vicki Yates (OutReach Officer) at

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