DELIVERY: Syrian Refugee Shelter in Belgrade, Serbia

Expedition Press Release

DeliverAid Expedition Provides Clothing and Welfare Materials to Serbian refugee centre 

London, UK, April 12th, 2017 – The DeliverAid team dropped off on a delivery at the Refugee Aid Miksalište Centre in Belgrade, Serbia – which not only supplies aid to refugees, but also children at risk.

Working with UNHCR and Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), the team provided a variety of different supplies, inclding warm clothing and sanitation equipment to assist MSF’s treatment of epidemics in the area.

Hundreds of new refugees and migrants, many of them children, arrive in Serbia every day despite the prospects of sleeping rough and having to forage for food wherever they can find it. Although Serbia is not part of the European Union, it borders a number of countries which are, such as Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, and has become a holding point for those hoping to reach Western Europe. Thousands are currently stuck in Serbia not able to cross the border, especially since Hungary is taking increasingly more severe measures regarding not only the refugees within the borders, but also to stem the numbers crossing their borders.

Peter Cameron-Burnett said:

“As soon as you walk into the refugee centre, you are immediately struck by the scale of the problem. People are literally sitting and lying everywhere with expressions ranging between desperation and resignation. There are no offices or indeed any floor space that is not taken up by someone who has travelled thousands of miles through danger to reach this point, and now faces an uncertain future. You have to admire the outstanding work of the staff of such organisations as UNHCR and MSF – these people are giving their best to help deal with this crisis – and there doesn’t appear to be any solution in sight.”  



DeliverAid was founded in January 2017 to provide sustainable and direct assistance to children who are at risk or face disadvantage in refuges, orphanages, and camps internationally. The team’s efforts are powered by a sponsorship syndicate of philanthropic businesses. The DeliverAid team itself consists of a small core of media and project professionals who are looking to do something worthwhile, who are ably aided by volunteers both in the UK and overseas. Wherever possible, the team purchases supplies from UK charities so that they also substantial benefit from the expeditions. As well as delivering supplies, the team also provides computer equipment and training as part of their Bootstrap Programme to allow the children to develop skills that will not only assist themselves in building a better life, but which will also create employment and opportunity within their community.   

For Further Information

Contact Vicki Yates (OutReach Officer) at

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